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Exterior Demolition: Non structural demolition of certain exterior parts of a structure that gives you the ability to redesign and remodel a space without the high costs and impact to the environment that can result from new construction.


Structural Demolition: Involves the removal of heavy concrete, tilt walls, slabs, mezzanines, and the creation of new openings, utilizing shoring as needed, to transform spaces into newly designed areas for our clients.


Interior Demolition: The non structural demolishing of spaces within a structure, usually in preparation for reuse and upgrading of the space.  We sort and separate demolition waste materials to maximize the recycling waste flow and minimize the impact on landfill waste.


Wrecking: Demolition of entire buildings, structures and foundations, along with flatwork and landscaping as the needs of our clients arise.


Concrete Cutting:  Wall sawing and flat sawing to accompany and support any one of the sectors listed herein. 


BROKK services:  A robotic concrete breaking machine that is utilized in areas where we are not able to use diesel powered equipment or where there is a greater degree of safety required for difficult projects.  The BROKK 110 is remotely controlled to keep our operators at a safe distance from the work.    

Demolition Specialties provides a complete process assessment and will separate and sort the materials within a building.

This helps reduce waste, increase efficiency, and reduce the project’s carbon footprint. We also will provide your team with waste flow reports should you require this for LEEDS projects.

Our process

Information gathering and project planning, including understanding the client’s goals and surveying the location related to salvageable, hazardous, and recyclable materials.

Code review that ensures understanding and adherence to code requirements BEFORE the work begins, i.e., maximum heights, clearances, landscaping features, pedestrian safety, etc.

Building preparation that involves preparing for safety considerations, noise levels, lighting needs, shoring up supports, etc.

Actual site stripping, which involves keeping components the client wants and removing nonstructural materials.

Material sorting to reduce waste and ensure environmentally friendly disposal.

Leaving a shell ready for remodeling and/or renovation.

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